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Monday’s Meal Plan: May 16

monday-meal-planCan you believe it? Monday’s Meal Plan is back!

It’s Monday, May 16 and I just realized it’s been two months since I’ve posted a meal plan! Now part of that is due to the crazy travel schedule we had in March. But the other reason is that I’ve gotten hooked on e-Mealz, an online menu planning service. I met these lovely ladies at a conference a couple months ago, but didn’t get around to trying their service until last month.

However, in the meantime, I’ve received some complaints that not only have I left you all hanging, but that e-Mealz doesn’t provide plans for breakfast and lunch.

So what was I to do? Once again, I turned to my friend Heather over a e-Mealz. I didn’t want to give away their product by just copying what they were giving me on my website, but I also wanted to provide you all with your meal plans again…and we came up with a solution I think we’ll all be happy with 🙂

So here you have it – Monday’s Meal Plan is back with breakfast, lunch AND dinner selections. Because I’m a natural tweaker (as I encourage all of you to be with these plans), you’ll still see some of our classic family favorites mixed in with some of the great dishes from e-Mealz. While I cannot give you their recipes, they have extended a very generous discount code for my readers to take advantage of through August. From this point forward, I will go ahead and put all the e-Mealz options in bold so you know what you’d be getting if you head over there!

Get your e-Mealz discount code

I’ll also offer my same helpful hints with regards to the week’s plan. For instance, with the baked apple pancake you see on Saturday morning: make sure to mix wet and dry ingredients separately, then incorporate the wet into the dry, not the other way around…trust me.

MondayCerealDill Chicken Salad with crackersItalian Minestrone with garlic bread
TuesdayCinnamon Raisin OatmealHam & Cheese roll upsSouthwest Strata & Mexican Salad
WednesdayCereal & yogurtPB&J with fruitBleu Steak salad with fresh rolls
ThursdayOatmealTurkey & Cheese sandwichesChicken & Bacon pasta
FridayCerealGreek Sampler: pita chips, hummus, cucumber saladHomemade Pizza with Field Green salad
SaturdayBaked Apple PancakeChicken & Cheese quesadillasHamburgers with homemade Potato Chips
SundayPeanut Butter & Syrup on ToastChinese Pot Roast with rice & stir fry vegetablesleftovers