Nordstrom Nashville Grand Opening has Added Value

by Sami

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Nordstrom celebrated its Grand Opening in Nashville today with an “unbelievable” turnout, in the words of attendees.

While you might not think that this frugal mom would opt to shop at what is traditionally thought of as an upscale department store, I wanted to share why you just might be surprised at the added value you’ll find there.

Not only will you find exclusive brands at Nordstrom Nashville that you won’t find anywhere else, but I’d venture to say you’ll find a retail attitude that’s hard to find elsewhere either.

“We strive to be a very inclusive store where we stand behind our customer and our product,” said Erik Nordstrom to me at the opening this morning when I asked him about what set the store apart. “We’re not about ‘high-low’ pricing <offering items at a high regular price and then having frequent sales with deep discounts>. We strive to make our regular price the ‘right’ price so you can be confident that if you buy it today, you won’t see it next week on sale.”

When asked about their lenient return policy, Erik said they refer to it as a “lack of policy”.

“It’s easy to make a good impression when you’re taking someone’s money. It’s about trust – the moment of truth <between a retailer & consumer> comes when there is a problem. That’s when relationships and trust are established.”

Not only will they take back just about anything, but they won’t be undersold. Considering you have to practically sell your first-born to make a return or request a price-adjustment at Walmart, the value in this way of operating becomes evidently clear very quickly.

“Ultimately, we want people to feel good about buying from us and have a great experience in the process,” says Nordstrom.

In addition to a great experience, here are a few other freebies to look for at your local Nordstrom:
*Free Personal Stylists – this shopping service is complimentary and their knowledge is not department specific, which can come in handy when you’re looking to coordinate outfits for the entire family for that upcoming Christmas card picture!

*Complimentary Bra Fitting – this one I have yet to try, but it seems to go along with Nordstrom’s focus on wanting people to leave feeling like a new person. “8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size. It’s been shown that women who wear the right size look ten pounds thinner, have better posture and ultimately feel better about themselves,” says Nordstrom representative John Bailey.

*Free Makeovers – all the cosmetic counters offer make-up experiences, many of which are free (some have a suggested product purchase. Check brands for details). Their overall objective is for you to “come and feel pampered”! Check out my look after spending the morning with the ladies at Estee Lauder and chatting with Tai Beauchamp of InStyle Magazine:


@TaiBeau & @TheSamiCone - new Twitter buds!

You’d have never known there was a recession by the crowds this morning!
Not only did they decide to kick off their Nashville Grand Opening with a FREE Beauty Bar from 8-10 this morning, where customers could get free makeovers, samples & breakfast, but they’re also celebrating with Triple Rewards points on all purchases made through September 18, 2011. The rewards are also valid if you shop online (plus, when you shop Nordstrom through you can earn up to 10% cash back!)


My view from the Free Beauty Bar

Remember, being frugal isn’t about being cheap. Always look for true value and experience wherever you decide to spend your money. I’m excited to see how Nordstrom changes the Nashville shopping experience.

How about you? When you shop, do you only consider price, or does overall experience factor in to your decision making?

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