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Secure Daughters Confident Sons Book Review


In Secure Daughters, Confident Sons, Glenn Stanton shares his research, experience and expertise on gender specific parenting issues…but perhaps he shares too much. While each chapter does end with a bulleted recap of his major points, the quantity of thoughts can be overwhelming at times.

That being said, the book remains a competent resource for the importance of knowing and understanding why gender matters in raising children. Not only does Stanton describe in detail what to expect from the different genders, but more importantly tells parents what to nurture and encourage as well.

From the desires of their heart to what you need to teach your kids about being emotionally perceptive, Secure Daughters, Confident Sons
takes a 360 degree approach to our children’s journey. While some references may be unnecessary and may not stand the test of time, the heart of the material serves as a welcome reminder to parents of all ages to truly discover both who your children are and who God created them to be.