Lilly Pulitzer Spring Fling Sale

by Sami

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Another new Lilly Pulitzer Sale has arrived! The Lilly Pulitzer Spring Fling Sale is the only Lilly Sale of the spring season and you’ll save 30% off.

Lilly Pulitzer Spring Fling Sale 2023

Lilly Pulitzer Spring Fling Sale 2023

For the first time ever, a spring Lilly Pulitzer sale sprung up. At first glance, The Lilly Pulitzer Spring Fling Sale isn’t as big of a discount as other Lilly sales, like the Lilly Sunshine Sale.

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The season’s one and only sale offers 30% off online at and in Lilly corporate stores.

The BEST Deal on

Even though the website clearly says everything is 30% off, I found one dress that’s almost 75% off! The Lilly Pulitzer Kipton One-Shoulder Romper is on sale for just $62.30. (Regular price is $218.) Can you believe it?

Lilly Pulitzer Deals Under $20

Who would have thought you could find Lilly Pulitzer Deals under $20? During the Lilly Spring Sale you can!

I found these Lilly Swizzle earrings for only $19.60:

Lilly Pulitzer Deals Under $30

If you’re looking for Lilly Pulitzer deals under $30, you’ll find many styles of the runaround hat.

Top 13 Lilly Pulitzer Dresses Under $100

Typically there are only a few Lilly t-shirt dresses you can find under $100. During the Spring Fling sale, I couldn’t believe how many Lilly Pulitzer dresses under $100 I found on sale!

1. Etta V-Neck Dress: $68.60 (Reg $98)

2. Cody T-shirt Dress: $68.60 (Reg $98)

3. Tessa Dress: $68.60 (Reg $98)

4. Brewster Dress: $68.60 (Reg $98)

5. Adley Short Sleeve Dress: $75.60 (Reg $108)

6. Belden T-Shirt Dress: $75.60 (Reg $108)

7. Kristen Swing Dress: $75.60 (Reg $108)

8. Diann Dress: $75.60 (Reg $108)

9. Camilla Swing Dress: $82.60 (Reg $118)

10. Lorina Swing Dress: $82.60 (Reg $118)

11. Geanna Swing Dress: $82.60 (Reg $118)

12. Norris Dress: $89.60 (Reg $128)

13. UPF 50+ Sophiletta Dress: $96.60 (Reg. $138)

Spring Fling Announcement

Lilly Pulitzer made the Spring Fling Sale announcement on their Instagram page on April 13.

Usually we get a little more notice before a Lilly sale. But this time we found out just hours before the sale started. (Otherwise I would have given you a preview of what to look for in this sale).

The sale is sitewide with just a few exceptions. You don’t even need a discount code. The price is automatically marked down through Sunday.

Lilly Pulitzer Sales

Did you know there is an art and a science to shopping Lilly Pulitzer Sales? I’ve been shopping at Lilly Pulitzer for decades. So I’ve figured a few things out when shopping for Lilly Pulitzer Deals.

Check out some of my best Lilly shopping tips here:

One other way I love to save with Lilly is with Lilly Pulitzer free gifts. Though technically not a sale, I think of this as added value. Keep in mind, it’s only a good deal if you already wanted to buy something.

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