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by Sami

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I’ve been shopping at Macy’s for a LOOOOONG time. As such, I can almost anticipate their sales. I also know when to shop, how much you’ll save and which sales are best for certain items.

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If you’re really ready to discover all there is to know about all the Macy’s sales, I’ve linked to my best Macy’s posts below:

Macy’s Sale This Weekend

If you don’t read any other post, this is the one to look at. I keep track of the most up-to-date Macy’s sales and give you the Macy’s discount codes you need to save big.

Macy’s One Day Sale

This is the OG of Macy’s sales. You could say the Macy’s One Day Sale is the sale that started it all.

While the ODS has changed in format and appearance over the years, the savings are still AMAZING. We’re talking up to 75% off in some cases.

Macy’s 2-Day Sale

Speaking of change in format in the One Day Sale, here enters the 2-Day Sale. The name may be different, but for some reason, Macy’s started offering a 2-Day sale instead of the one day sale at times.

Other than the name, I couldn’t really tell you what the difference is. (The same goes for the 48-Hour Sale).

Macy’s Friends & Family Sale

If the Macy’s One Day Sale is the OG, the Macy’s Friends & Family Sale is my current favorite. You’ll find discounts on brands and designers that rarely go on sale.

But what I really love about the F&F sale is the 15% discount on beauty and fragrance.

Macy’s VIP Sale

Remember what I said about the similarities in the One Day Sale and 2-Day Sale, the same could be said for the F&F Sale and the VIP sale.

The VIP sale also offers unique discounts on beauty brands rarely seen in department store sales.

Macy’s Own Your Style Sale

I don’t know why, but Macy’s keeps changing their sale names. This year, instead of seeing the Friends & Family or VIP Sale, Macy’s introduced their Own Your Style Sale.

We’re seeing the same sale structure, but there is a new emphasis on personal styling at Macy’s.

Macy’s Black Friday in July Sale

The Black Friday in July Sale has a great selection of sale items – from beauty deals to kitchen items – at savings of (often) 50% off.

What I love about this sale is the daily deals that get offered. So you do want to pay attention to and shop early so as not to miss those specials.

Macy’s Printable Savings Pass

And when all else fails or there’s a rare day where there isn’t a Macy’s sale, just use this printable Macy’s savings pass. I also share other tips for how to save big at Macy’s without a sale.

In addition to the Macy’s discount codes I provide for each sale, I also like to give you my best finds so you don’t have to search the entire site aimlessly.

Back to School Outfits for Teenage Girls

I talked to my daughter and her best friends to uncover the trendiest back-to-school outfits for teenage girls this season. What I learned was that history repeats itself, especially when it comes to fashion.

5 Best Mattress Deals Under $500

Macy’s has BIG home sales where you can save up to 60% off mattresses, beds, rugs, and more. I found 5 mattress deals under $500 at Macy’s PLUS you can get a free box spring or adjustable base with purchase.

How to Save 50% off Fine Jewelry at Macy’s

If you’re in the market for fine jewelry, don’t forget to check out the selection at Macy’s. Their solitaire earrings are sometimes as low as $25!

Macy’s Sale Promo Codes

If you want to find a Macy’s sale or Macy’s discount code at any time of year, click on the link above to get a chronological list by month. Not only do I list all the Macy’s sales in the order they (typically) happen, I share the promo codes you need too.

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