Medieval Times Pictures and Images

by Sami

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It’s come to my attention that it’s been difficult to find Medieval Times pictures and images from people who have actually been to Medieval Times and experienced it first-hand. So I wanted to share some Medieval Times pictures from when our family visited Medieval Times Orlando.

Medieval Times Pictures and Images

Medieval times picture Orlando family castle

Our family getting ready to enter the Medieval Times Orlando castle

This is a Medieval Times picture of just our immediate family:

Medieval Time picture Orlando sami cone family

Those knights behind us don’t look ready to protect us!

We went to Medieval Times with a pretty large family group and we really appreciated how we could all sit together and it appealed to both the youngest in the group (5 years old) all the way up to grandma!

Medieval Times picture group discount

Ready for dinner & a show at Medieval Times Orlando!



Our future designer checking out the old school fashions!


Too bad we entered in the exit and didn’t catch this until the end!

Get there early because there is so much more to see and do beyond the show. The grounds boast several exhibits that truly transport you back to the Medieval Times, from the clothes they wore to how they tortured people (we missed that this portion of the tour was not acceptable for young children until we exited through the proper entrance – consider yourself forewarned 🙂


Britton getting into the act


Princess Kariss & Nanita


Our Bill of Fare for the night

It was great to be able to enjoy dinner while enjoying a truly first class show!


Let the festivites begin!


Me & my prince


The Yellow Knight won!

For more details about our family’s experience at Medieval Times, you can read my Medieval Times review.

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