My Newly Organized Pendaflex Home Office Closet

by Sami

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Even though we’ve been living in our current home for about a year and a half, I’ve never had a true home office. Yes, I had a closet where I kept supplies and a room that functioned as a home office/playroom/guest room, but now one dedicated area that was all mine.

Though I may not be the most organized individual you’ll meet, I strive to be organized, which makes me more organized than most (did you follow that?). I’m always looking for new binders, folders, dividers, notebooks, bins and the like to make my life easier and make my space look pretty. So when Pendaflex offered me a few products to get started on organizing my space, I jumped at the chance!

The only problem was that I didn’t have a good place to keep it all!

Since I’m a blogger/writer/editor, I’m using to working on the fly and more often than not, I sit in my room on the computer rather than going somewhere else. So although it made the most sense to put an office space in our bedroom, I’ve always been advised against it (for the sake of preserving my marriage!).

Then I took a look in my closet. When I was single, I used to literally go into my ‘prayer closet’; it was a peaceful retreat where I could be alone with my thoughts and regroup. So I once again decided to turn my walk in closet into an office retreat. Not only did this solve my problem of keeping my office close to where I needed it without infringing on our bedroom too much, but it brought back fond memories and made me clean out some of those clothes we didn’t need anymore!

First we had to deal with basic structure. We already had some built in shelves on one side of the closet, so that make a natural workspace to start with. We then put an extra closet organizer piece over two short shelves that had previously held t-shirts to create a desk. Add a chair, some additional lighting and some Pendaflex Office organizing products…and VOILA! A cozy, effective and well-organized office space is born!

Here’s what my closet looked like as we were clearing clothes out of it and beginning to prep for the home office re-deign:

Closet Office before

My closet office before Pendaflex

And here is the after shot, complete with my favorite Pendaflex Pile Smart products!


My Pendaflex Home Office Closet!

Even though it’s in a closet, it’s bright, colorful, and most of all….organized!

As I mentioned, my new favorite products from Pendaflex is their PileSmart line. It’s almost like they thought, “We know you’re still going to keep your papers in piles, even if we give you lots of nifty folders, so we’re just going to go ahead and help you organize those piles!”

My absolute must haves are:
*PileSmart Organizer Tray: This angled tray fits neatly into a corner space to help keep piles of paper neat. I especially love the write & erase tabs!
*PileSmart Label Clips: These are durable and colorful paper clips that hold up to 20 pages and feature write on tabs so you can quickly find papers within your piles.
*Pendaflex On the Go Desktop File: This was MADE for me! Not only does it have color coded files that are angled up for easy viewing, but it quickly converts to a carry case so I can take it on the go with me in a jiffy!

If you’re like me a need a little help knowing how to get started when it comes to organizing, just hop over to the Pendaflex website where you can learn everything from the anatomy of a filing cabinet to the ABC’s of organization!

If you have your own unique or creative way to use your Pendaflex products, then you’ll want to enter the “Way Beyond Folders” photo/video contest they’re currently running. To enter the contest, all you have to do is pick one or more Pendaflex products and create a video or take a picture showing them one creative way to use these products outside of the home or office. You could win an Apple iPad, an iPod Nano, an iTunes gift card, or even Pendaflex products!

I’m excited to finally have an organized space to work in. What organization tips do you have for your home office?

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