The Benefit of Vitamin Sprays

by Sami

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You may take vitamins daily, but how do you take them? Have you ever considered a vitamin spray?

benefit of vitamin sprays mykind organics

I’ve taken a number of supplements for decades, but in the past year, a natural health practitioner advised me I needed more Vitamin B. So naturally I went to Whole Foods to weigh all my options.

When I asked for help finding the B vitamins, an employee pointed out the mykind Organics B-12 Organic Spray. He said it was his favorite choice for a number of reasons:

* It had a great flavor
* The spray allowed for quicker absorption
* mykind Organics was a trusted brand

After more research, I found this out on the Garden of Life website:


I bought it on the spot and started using it immediately. When a representative from Garden of Life shortly after asked me to try their products, I was proud to say I was already using them.

She then informed me of two other vitamin sprays they carried which I learned could replace similar pills I was taking: their organic vegan D3 spray and their organic vitamin C spray.

And the best tip I received was to keep the sprays in the fridge, not because they need to be refrigerated, but because it enhances the flavor. This makes it even easier to get the kids to take their vitamins!

I will say that while the B12 and C are literally delicious, fruity, and light, the vanilla flavor of the D3 is a little thicker and my least favorite of the three. Still, I love the effectiveness and convenience of the D3 vitamin spray and continue to take all three every morning as part of my healthy morning routine.

And if I’m traveling, they are small enough to take on the plane with me – I simply pack them in one of my kids’ insulated lunch packs with my other supplements and store it in my carry-on.

I have found the mykind Organics Vitamin sprays (and many other health items I buy like Dr. Bronner’s castille soaps, deodorant and even organic popcorn) are cheaper on a site like Vitacost. Plus, if you sign up to become a Vitacost Refer-a-Friend Program Member through my personal invite link
AND make your first purchase at within 30 days of being referred, you will receive $10 to use on the site.

mykind organics alicia silverstone

Alicia Silverstone helped create mykind organics and stands behind this Certified USDA Organic, non-GMO brand. And you know I love the Garden of Life brand of products because I use their Raw Organic meal in my healthy morning smoothie each day.

So whether you have a vitamin aversion or are simply looking for the best way to take your vitamins, why not consider trying the mykind Organics vitamin sprays? If you’re like me, then you’ll find they’re a great way to ensure you won’t miss a day of taking your vitamins.


Disclosure: Garden of Life offered me these vitamin sprays in exchange for my honest review. They did not influence my words in any way and everything you read above is my honest opinion. As stated in the post, if you click on the Vitacost link and make a purchase in the first $30 days after signing up, both you and I will get a $10 Vitacost rewards code. I am not a doctor and all of the statements above are based on my own experience and do not constitute professional medical advice. Please consult with your doctor before starting a new medical program.

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