Top “25” Albums

by Sami

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No, this is not a list of my top 25 albums, but rather a list of my top picks for albums titled “25”.

Who knew, right?

I never imagined “25” was a popular album title. But I stumbled upon a greatest hits compilation from one of the first Christian artists I came to know and love, Crystal Lewis, and when I went to search for the album on iTunes, I discovered that some of my other favorite musicians also had albums titled “25”.

Some refer to 25 years of music, some to their top 25 songs.

Whatever the reason, I felt compelled to not keep these masterpieces a secret any longer, so here you go:

Top “25” Albums

1. Crystal Lewis – Twenty Five

Crystal Lewis was one of the first artists I heard once I became a Christian and her powerful voice and piercing lyrics grabbed from from the start.

2. Harry Connick Jr – 25

I’m still a sucker for a Harry Connick Jr. song. Not only does he have one of my top Christmas albums ever, but this album is a culmination of some of his best songs ever.

3. Blues Traveler – 25

Even though I’m not a fan of the blues or bluegrass per se, I fell in love with the sounds of Blues Traveler in college. “Hook” and “Run Around” are still some of  my favorite songs of all time!


4. Sting – 25 Years

During my sophomore year of college when my roommate wouldn’t let me fall asleep to a movie each night like I was used to, I pretty much drifted off to dreamland to the sounds of Sting.

5. Thriller – 25 Year Anniversary Edition

I will never forget the purple plastic purse I had in third grade with this album cover on it. Today, it’s still possible to appreciate the best elements of this album without making such a big fashion faux pas 😉

and a bonus title for the kid in all of us…

* VeggieTales – 25 Favorite Silly Songs

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